Breaking The Cycle Of Relationship Failure

People nearing the end of life will often name their greatest joys and greatest sorrows in terms of relationships.  Regrets, for example may be about time not spent with loved ones, or about not having forgiven some past transgression.  Regrets are seldom about anything to do with the material world.  With this in mind, my professional “mission” is to help people who want to be in an intimate and meaningful relationship to achieve that goal.  Weather you want to “attract” a healthy relationship or to repair, strengthen, and revitalize the one you are currently in, I am committed to helping you. Together we will look thoughtfully at the  patterns you are repeating  in relationships that are not working for you.  This insight will then be the key to fixing the relationship you are in, or finding and keeping the exact right relationship for you.  I urge you to read the blogs that follow to get a sense of what I believe, and how I work…..Leslie Kays








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