About Leslie E. Kays, MFT

As a psychotherapist with 25 years of experience, I have helped many people navigate through difficult times in their lives, as well as heal from unhealthy relationships and move on to healthy ones.   My clients  range in age from 3 to 93.  They come to me with many issues, ranging from anxiety and depression, to parenting, substance abuse, and anger management.  I feel privileged to have witnessed amazing transformations as I partner with people to help create the highest and best for them. This is what I would like to do for you!

My approach is warm and supportive,with an emphasis on meeting you where you are, and creating a therapeutic plan that draws upon the strengths that become evident early in our work together. Although you may enter therapy feeling a lot of stress, it is my hope that remembering your strengths will immediately ease your anxiety. Then we can continue to build upon these your strengths.  My methods are ecclectic…ranging from more cognitively based short term “solution focused” therapy to  longer term “in depth” approaches. I especially love working with dreams and “active imagination”, when this is something the client would like.

At this point in my life, I am especially interested in working with mature adults who are at a new crossroads in their lives..and are interested in finding and keeping healthy relationships–with family members and life partners. I am open to those who are seeking a spiritual direction in their lives, although this is not a prerequisite for working with me.

Please contact me for a free extended phone consultation to see if I may be a good fit for you. At this time, I can give you more specific details about how I work.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy some of my blog posts.