My Inaugaration As A Blogger

On January 21st Barack Obama was inaugurated for his second term as president of the United States.  As I listened to Obamas Inauguration address, I was reminded that each of us has the opportunity to inaugurate ourselves every day.  After all, each day is a new day, like none that has come before, or will come after.  Each day brings with it new information and new possibilities and opportunities.  I was further inspired by Obama’s elucidation of the concept of our collective energy.  It got me to thinking that, as miraculous as each of us is on our own, we are exponentially more miraculous when we pool together our resources.  This is particularly true now, when you add all the tools we have for dissemination of information and communication amongst ourselves.  In my mind it just becomes a matter of the lazer focus of that information and energy into upleveling all of us.  I suppose I don’t see any difference between the good of one and the good of all in a world where we are all interconnected.

So, for me this is what the idea of “self” inauguration is all about.  In my own life I’m attempting to move beyond my own comfort zone of who it is I think I am.  I’m trying to move into the possibility of who I really can be.  I want to do this for me, but also in order to serve the larger community.  I want to actually make a contribution.  The internet, social media, and marking itself are activities that are initially unfamiliar to me.  I have resistance, fear, and anxiety…and Im always on the verge of just giving up.  That’s the truth.

It’s also the truth though, that I resonate with Obama and I resonate with his message, as I hear it. I admire him for being a man of this time.  I also love the way he commented that we don’t need to solve the issue of the role of government right now.  We just need to move forward.  We just need to do something.  It’s the message I need to give myselfJust keep moving forward, Leslie.  Don’t let the tyranny of trying to be perfect get in the way of going as fast as you can and doing the best that you can.  Thank you Diana lighting a fire under me to learn to blog

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